Gloucestershire based silent disco available for UK wide hire at your wedding or party

If you’ve never tried a silent disco, then you’re missing out! Party goers can dance the night away with a set of wireless headphones long after the restrictions and noise curfews would normally have killed the party atmosphere. Perfect for those looking to provide something a little different for their guests, Silent Rave & Disco allows users to tap into a variety of music streams provided by the talented DJ.


Many indoor and outdoor venues have restrictions related to noise. Whether it be a sound limiter, curfew for live music or DJ, angry neighbours or council restrictions - all your restrictions disappear with the Silent Rave & Disco. Offering a full DJ service (with traditional speakers) in combination with a split-channel silent disco option - your entire evening’s entertainment can be sorted with one booking.


Once the traditional disco comes to a close, your guests can pop on their high quality wireless headphones and tap in to a playlist of their choice from the three streams provided by the DJ. Ideal for Weddings, outdoor parties and corporate events - a silent disco can be a fun and interactive activity for your guests.     

Maybe you’d like to continue the party long after the parents have gone to bed? Then the Silent Rave & Disco is exactly what you need to keep everyone happy! With a range of up to 500m, you can carry on the party wherever you are the venue. Complete with an incredible lighting rig and top quality transmission equipment, you’ll also have a top quality DJ on hand to setup everything up, allowing you to sit back and enjoy the night. With over 15 years industry experience at Weddings, Parties & Corporate events, you’re in the safest of hands with Silent Rave & Disco.



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DJ and Silent Disco Supplier


Full silent discos offered as well as split silent disco's where we can DJ through our PA system early on and then switch to a Silent Disco later in the evening

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Totally customisable for the type of event you are looking to hold and the choice of music you like to listen to.


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